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Client Testimonials

I have been in colonic and wellness centers in Southern California and in New Mexico when I was living in those States, but I never have been in a center like Clear Path. The atmosphere is very warm, cordial, and welcoming. The staff is friendly, helpful and professional aiding people who wish to know more about healthful living and eating. The rates are extremely reasonable and the treatments are comfortable and healing to the entire body. If you are in earnest about your health, Clear Path is the place to be. ~Rev. Dr. Rocco A. Errico


I thought it would be scary. I thought it would be painful. I thought it would be embarrassing. It was none of those things. Sue’s professionalism and friendliness made it a pleasant experience, with the added bonus of my feeling lighter and more energetic afterwards. I cannot recommend them more highly. Make your appointment. You won’t regret it. – Sherri T.


I have been suffering from GI disturbances including chronic candida overgrowth for years. My candida-clogged system resulted in inflammatory problems including joint pain, weight gain, and blockages of my lymphatic drainage causing painful fluid filled breast cysts. No other treatments have been successful at eradicating the candida problem until I began receiving weekly colonics. Washing out the yeast has been the key to finally establishing healthy intestinal flora, better energy, weight loss, and healthy lymph movement without cystic fluid backups. I am benefitting enormously and I am so happy to have found Clear Path Wellness Center. – Roberta C.


I am a 35 year old African American woman who has had problems with having regular bowel movements for the last 7 to 8 years. Within the last three years or so I was referred to a digestive care doctor who diagnosed me with having IBS with chronic constipation. The doctor referred me to a colon surgeon who immediately stated the only way to fix this would be to remove my colon. I consulted a second opinion who advised me to try changing my diet and add magnesium and fiber. After researching further, I came upon colon hydrotherapy. Initially I was reluctant because of all the weight gain I had put on within the last two years, and I was already informed by the last surgeon I was really impacted with material which had been there for over three years. I’ve been doing colonics for the last four months and I’ve seen significant changes: lost over 20 pounds so far, skin is much softer, more frequent bowel movements. I go to the bathroom at least 4 times a week now without the help of enemas or laxatives. I can truly say this has really helped my physically and psychologically. ~ Indra B.


Three words describe my experience at Clear Path Wellness…I FEEL GREAT! For reasons that include their friendliness and professionalism, I would certainly recommend anyone who wants to feel healthy. You must try their services. When you enter their office it is immediately relaxing. It has a warm environment, calming music, and smiling staff. Once you experience their services and talk to the therapist, you will have confidence your therapist cares about your well being. – Robin T.

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